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Dan Doiron Nominated For Maple Blues Award

Doiron just received his first national nomination for a Maple Blues Award for New Artist of The Year. These awards recognize achievement in the Blues genre in Canada and the nominees are selected by a panel of 45 music industry professionals from across the country, but the winner is chosen by blues lovers, and voting is on right now! It takes just a few minutes to place your vote and here’s the link to get access:

 Awards will be presented at a ceremony at the TELUS Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto on Feb.4, 2019. 


Livin' Centre Stage Accolades


The 2018 Music Nova Scotia conference was productive and rewarding for Blues musician Dan Doiron. Performing to enthusiastic audiences at two solo showcases, followed by meetings with perspective festival buyers, the weekend culminated with Doiron receiving the Music Nova Scotia Award for Blues Recording of the Year for his latest releaseLivin’ Centre Stage.

The new album, his fourth release since stepping out as a solo performer in 2011 was inspired by his Live Centre Stage project,(www.LiveCentreStage.com), a program that encourages others to follow their passion regardless of age or stage in life. Celebrating his sixtieth birthday a few weeks ago Doiron says, “I’ve been involved in the music industry for over forty years and have been nominated for several awards, but this is the first time I’ve won so I guess that shows that it’s never too late to follow your dream! If there is one thing that I have learned it’s that as I get older the passion for the music grows stronger, and I still feel privileged and get excited every day to practice, compose, learn and perform.”

The album was released in the UK in January 2018 to glowing reviews where it reached number seven on the IBBA charts and was featured as the March album of the month. "It was great to see the album receive such fantastic support in the UK and I'm looking forward to touring there next spring. It's also going to be great to head to Truro and play the new material at the Music week Conference, before heading out on the road to promote the album."

Dan Doirons’ Live Centre Stage project receives WISE award:

In addition to being nominated for a 2018 Music Nova Scotia Award Dan Doirons’ fourth album, “Live Centre Stage,” is also the credo of his initiative to inspire others to live their passion regardless of age or stage in life. Last week at the Start Up Canada convention at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Doiron was honoured as one of the WISE 50 Over 50 award recipients and also performed at the event. The award recognizes fifty entrepreneurs from across Canada who started their enterprises after reaching the age of fifty, and celebrates their success.

I’d had a varied 35 year career as an educator, recording engineer, clinician and musical instrument product specialist, but music performance had always been my passion and I finally decided to follow that dream in 2012. I began the Live Centre Stage program in 2017 because I wanted to share the tools that had helped me in this journey and to encourage others to dream big and go for it!”

Dan’s philosophy is that it’s never too late to pursue your dream and his mission is to share that vision through the “Live Centre Stage” project with keynote concerts and videos, self growth methodology and health and wellness information.

More information: www.LiveCentreStage.com         Wise 50 Over 50  

New Album Livin' Centre Stage Now Available

 Some early reviews as The new album debuts:

"Dan Doiron's Livin' Centre Stage is the next, and best chapter in his already impressive career! From the opening, funky, track "The Next Lifetime Around" through to the beautifully, heart-breaking closing track "The Letter", Livin' Centre Stage showcases his talents as a smooth vocalist, a searing guitarist, and a songwriter capable of shifting effortlessly from the humorous to the poignant. A shoe-in come awards season, this is a must-have for 2018!"  Brent Morrison, The Rockin' Blues Show Canada

 "Dan Doiron's new release, Livin' Centre Stage, is his most outstanding project to date, straight up and hands down. From the searing, funky leads of his electric songs to the plaintive notes of his acoustic material, and from the insightful lyrics to the richness of his vocals, Dan nails it every single time. After decades in the business as writer, performer, music educator and recording artist, Dan truly is livin' centre stage."   Brant Zwicker, At the Crossroad Blues Radio Canada

 "Dan Doiron is an old school rocker with plenty of new ideas. He's worked at his craft, developed his song writing and honed his own style over thousands of gigs. You can feel his life experience pour out of each track of his new album 'Livin' Centre Stage' on Earwig Music. The aptly titled CD combines focussed energy with well crafted material, in which he rarely wastes a note in solos that always serve the song. 'Living Centre Stage' puts him squarely in the vanguard of Canadian rock-blues, the rest of the world would do well to quickly catch on!"  Pete Feenstra Features Editor and Blues & Rock Editor  UK

 "Dan Doiron’s musical mastery have him Livin’ Centre Stage. And that’s also the title of his dynamic new cd. It’s electrified blues with lyrics that make you stop and think. But not for long, because Dan’s music gets your toes a tappin’ and you just wanna get your dancing shoes on and go boogie." Ken Wallis Blues Blast on 1015 The Hawk Fm and Blues and Roots Radio Canada

 "A perfect balance of talent, imagination and attention to detail, Dan Doiron knows the secret of living centre stage." - Terry Parsons (Blind Lemon Blues) CHMR FM Canada

Ridin' The Rods The First single and video

The hot new single called Ridin’ The Rods pays tribute to the early ambassadors of the blues. During the golden age of rail travel, the upper class travelled in luxury train coaches while blues musicians like Honey Boy Edwards and others either rode in the box cars or, if they were locked, they rode underneath the box cars hanging on for their lives as they steamed across the country. They called this riding the rods...


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