Even My Guitar is in Love With You

Dan Doiron

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A fresh, high energy cd with a collection of dynamic groove based songs featuring solid guitar and emotional vocals for the rock/blues/alternative fan.

  • Music has been my life since I my first band in Junior High school, in Port Hood, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia . I have been involved in the music industry in Atlantic Canada ever since. I have participated as a musician, music educator,(B.MUS.Ed from Dalhousie University with a major in classical guitar) and recording engineer.

  • For many years I played in touring cover bands, performing mainly in Atlantic Canada.

  • My first recording was on the Halifax Q104 Homegrown Album in 1990 with my band called "The Issue". After that experience I got the recording bug and built a recording studio in Truro Nova Scotia, where I had settled. Over the next several years I continued to perform, but mainly focused on engineering other artist's recording projects.

  • Recently, I have moved to Halifax and have been rediscovering my passion for performing, both as a solo artist as well as forming my own band.

  • I am excited to release my first ever solo album, "Even My Guitar is in Love With You"

  • I have been very influenced by great guitar players like Robben Ford and Larry Carlton, who perform with more emotion than flash and who are most interested in the Groove.


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