For many guitarists one thing is certain, as we get older our passion for the instrument grows even stronger. Does this sound familiar?  "Well I played guitar when I was a kid, had a band in high school wrote a few songs, then went on to university and a career, and didn’t have much spare time to play music. But now .....I’m getting back into it and loving it!" 

And it’s a fantastic time to be a student of the guitar, especially with all of the resources available online. I’m always amazed how, with a little searching, you can find incredible videos that will show you exactly how to play your favourite tunes.... 

But I find the most compelling conversations I have with players are about developing their own guitar style and how can they expand and develop their playing. 

I’m a lifelong student of the guitar and I love to practise, exploring new ideas on the instrument and finding ways to incorporate those ideas into my playing. I have been asked about teaching guitar lessons, but decided to try a different approach I call guitar coaching. Click on the image below to check out the short video and see what's all about!