From the recording The Spirit of Woodstock

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The Spirit of Woodstock

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Bass: Keith Doiron
Organ: Marc Dorian
Drums: Scott Ferguson
Guitars and Vocals: Dan Doiron


The Spirit of Woodstock

I was just ten years old heard you sing along with Neil
I still believe, when did you change how you feel?
We were one generation full of hope for all mankind
Like the flowers in our hair we left all those dreams behind, you know,

The spirit of Woodstock is weepin’,
Sobbing on your chest tryin’ to get back to your heart
Remember “Smile on your brother, love one and other” and “Blowin’ in the Wind”
When did those dreams all die, how do we justify letting them all fall apart,
Bring back the Spirit of Woodstock, We need the spirit of Woodstock

Then you jumped in bed with Yoko and John
Said you stood for love and peace and equality
Were you really praying or was it just “All we are saying”
And you really only liked to hum the melody, you know

The spirit of Woodstock is weepin’
Sobbing on your chest tryin’ to get back to your heart
Sam Cooke said brother please, don’t knock me to my knees, A change is gonna come
more than just words he said, we’d change the world instead, We let it all fall apart

As your sons and your daughters take to the streets, pushing to right all the wrongs
Do you see you in your youth, Will you still stand for the truth, do you remember more than the songs

We need the spirit of Woodstock,
Bring back the spirit of Woodstock,

It’s been a long time comin’